Genealogical Services Available
  • Reviewing and organizing existing family information
  • Providing advice as to what steps should be taken in researching a family
  • Assisting first-time genealogists to get them started with their own exploration
  • Assisting more experienced genealogists with information from British records
  • Investigating the details about specific individuals or family lines
  • Helping break down barriers encountered in the search for ancestors
  • Providing reports incorporating all of the material found
  • Constructing ancestral charts that demonstrate family relationships

We will first find out what the objectives are for any genealogical research project, lay out a specific plan to accomplish those goals and work out a budget.  

Such plans may outline the steps to be taken to:

  • find information about a specific individual
  • trace one branch of a family back through time, or
  • prepare a comprehensive evaluation of as many lines of the family, over multiple generations, as may be possible

We recommend an initial consultation that would include assembling and summarizing known information and performing a preliminary search of readily available records, to look for possible family connections and facilitate a more detailed plan to be developed for further research.